After years of battling opioid addiction, my son Daniel Weidle, passed away from an overdose on December 26, 2015. Daniel was a deeply loved son, father, brother, and friend, taken far too soon by a disease that can, and should be treated. Daniel was repeatedly decided access to lifesaving medication, which would have easily saved his life. On average, each day we lose another 129 more people just like Daniel as our nation struggles with the opioid epidemic.

Daniel’s Story was started by our family to seek justice and change in his memory. We are working with policy makers and medical professionals to address systemic loop holes that allow people battling the disease of addiction to be refused life saving medical care and treatment. Daniel was actively seeking treatment to beat this disease and had been having success in overcoming his opioid addiction through the use of a prescription medication called Vivitrol.

Unfortunately, due to the stigma of addiction, many medical professionals openly refuse to treat those who seek help, like Daniel did.  We believe this is an injustice that must be faced head on through policy change and education of those in the medical field about the cause of the opioid epidemic and their part in the problem, along with their ability to be a part of the solution. Because our system is broken, Daniel paid the ultimate price, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

We encourage you to visit the various links within this website to see the different projects we have worked on and are currently working through to attack  this epidemic from a well-rounded approach. Visit the “contact” section to leave us feedback, leave book reviews, and provide recommendations for ways to move forward. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!